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What is Muuvment People?

Muuvment People is a software product that transforms both your communications with employees and how your existing benefits programs are delivered. Only a small percentage of employees currently use their health benefits. You’re not getting value from the employee programs you’re paying for. We make sure that the right resources reach the right people in a personalized and confidential way. We use leading data analytics and interactive video technologies to provide an engaging and empathetic experience with measurable results. Click here to watch a 3 minute demo about what the next generation of wellbeing software can do for your organization.

I’m interested in using Muuvment People. What's next?

Click here to connect with someone from our client success team right away. If you want to schedule a demo, select a time that works for you here.

What’s the difference between employee wellness and employee wellbeing?

Employee wellness refers to specific health programs that employers provide to their employees. Employee wellbeing is a broader category that also encompasses employees finding purpose through their work. Employees want to contribute to addressing social and environmental problems in both their personal capacity and through work. Forward thinking HR executives are embracing employee purpose as a crucial component of employee wellbeing. This is why we have developed Muuvment Purpose as the companion product to Muuvment People. Click here to schedule a demo of Muuvment Purpose with us.

What’s the problem that you’re solving for me as an HR professional?

You pay for health programs to help your employees be healthy and happy, and only a small percentage of them participate. We automate and personalize the benefits offered to each of your employees so they can get the help they need quickly. We track results so that you can be confident that you’re providing the support your employees need. You’ll finally know whether your wellbeing programs are working and what you can do to improve them.

How much does a subscription cost?

Our prices start at $2 per user per month. We want to get our products into the hands of as many people as possible because we think it will improve their health and help them find purpose through meaningful social impact actions. That’s what we’re passionate about. Get in touch here about a subscription plan that makes sense for your organization. If you’re a not-for-profit or charity that shares our mission of helping individuals and organizations generate meaning and measurable impact, speak with us about using our products for free.

Can we try your product before we buy it?

We offer a free 45-day trial on all of our products. Take it for a test drive. We’re confident that you’ll see that there’s nothing like it. We’re here to solve real world problems for our clients. If we’re not able to solve your problem, we’ll be the first to let you know and you can end your contract without any further obligation.

What’s your ideal sized enterprise client?

Muuvment services are best suited to companies with more than 50 employees. We take away a lot of the manual work from your HR team to figure out what support is needed by which employee and then making sure that program gets delivered quickly and confidentially. For companies smaller than 50, we’re assuming that the teams are small enough that they have more visibility into individual employee needs and don’t need our software. Click here to chat with one of our client success managers now.

Is your software available to individuals?

Currently both Muuvment People and Muuvment Purpose are only available to enterprise customers. We’re working on a public-facing version of Muuvment Purpose, which will be offered free to consumers in Q2 of 2021. We plan to eventually also make Muuvment People available for free to consumers. We built this company to help individuals improve their health and lead purposeful lives. We want to make it available to as many people as possible! In the meantime, connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – let us know what health and social impact issues matter to you and what we can do to help.

Can I just get more information about your product without scheduling a demo?

Sure. Please leave your email address in the chat window below and tell us that you would like to receive our sales deck.

What makes you different from all of the other products that support employee wellbeing?

We offer a unique and empathetic employee experience focused on delivering personalized resources to drastically increase your employee program utilization rates and improve employee health and productivity. With Muuvment Purpose, your employees can help create social impact campaigns that matter to them and be more active in pursuing your company’s social impact mission. We’re also working on some cutting edge interactive experiences to increase employee engagement with your health programs and social impact mission! Speak to one of our client success managers by clicking here to learn about what’s unique at Muuvment and some of the cool features in the pipeline.

Do you have a free plan?

We provide free educational content for everyone. Sign up for our newsletter and you will receive monthly content about the latest research and trends on how to improve employee wellbeing. You can always try our products for free for 45 days without any commitment. You can also use our products for free if you’re a not-for-profit organization. Click here to schedule a short call with us about whether Muuvment People can help your organization.

What’s Muuvment Purpose?

Muuvment Purpose is a software product that allows employees to contribute to your company’s social impact mission through unique interactive experiences and action tools to generate meaningful and measurable positive impact. Click here to watch a 3 minute demo and you’ll see what sets us apart.

What kind of data privacy protection do you provide?

We are GDPR compliant. We believe that confidentiality and privacy are key values of the next generation of social purpose SaaS products like Muuvment. You can review our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Please email our Data Privacy Officer at to obtain any further information.

This list doesn’t cover the question I had. Can I speak with someone?

Please get in touch. We're here during the day, so please click here to speak with someone immediately. If we're not available to answer right away, leave your email address and we’ll get back to you within one business day (but often much sooner). You can also schedule a meeting with one of our client success managers in our calendar. If you prefer, write to us at if you have any further questions.

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