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Muuvment People

Boost your team’s health and productivity.
Integrate all your existing health programs in one platform and instantly offer personalized support to your employees.
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Muuvment People is an essential tool to help manage the health and well-being of your staff so they can be at their most productive.

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Employees check in regularly with a short survey about their health and productivity.
Personalized health and wellness resources are recommended based on their answers.
A full library of articles, videos and resources is always available to browse.
Company health policies and programs are easy to find and use.
Data collected from survey responses are analyzed and displayed in real time.
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Why employees love it

With easy access to resources that cater to their specific needs, your people feel cared for and supported in a timely manner.
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Why employers love it

Not only do you have the data to understand how people are doing, it’s easy to provide individual support and make decisions for the future.

Key Features

Campaign customization
Choose from a selection of ready-built campaigns or have your team drive the creation of a whole new campaign they’re passionate about.
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Inspiring actions
Campaigns actions can include volunteering, donating, advocacy, or making a lifestyle pledge, with an emphasis on local relevance.
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Interactive learning
Campaigns actions can include volunteering, donating, advocacy, or making a lifestyle pledge, with an emphasis on local relevance.
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Impact metrics
We keep a tally of the difference you’re making in real time, from dollars donated to hours volunteered and everything in between.
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Engagement features
Leaderboards, discussion forums and email updates are all designed to encourage and maximize staff participation.
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Key features

Single online platform
Employees will always know where to look for company health resources, which helps to maximize the usage and value of existing programs.
Confidential data collection
Our online surveys feed confidential data anonymously into an analytics dashboard. Employees can rest assured their privacy is protected.
Smart survey design
A team of statisticians, engagement specialists and epidemiologists created our surveys to ensure you receive relevant, high-quality data.
Curated resource library
In addition to company resources, employees get access to our carefully curated library of articles and videos to support their well-being.
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Real-time data and trends
Survey data is collected and analyzed in real time for you to view or export. With a clear picture of status and trends, you can make informed decisions.

Learn how Muuvment People supports employee well-being

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