Muuvment People

Supercharged support for your people.

Organizations globally are struggling with staff engagement and retention – battle for talent / negative impact of poor engagement.

85% of employees worldwide are not engaged, and 81% would consider leaving today if the right offer came in.

U.S. staff disengagement costs circa. $0.5 Trillion in lost productivity annually.

By 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will work remotely at least five days in a month.

Thomson’s’ Online Benefits’ recent “Global Employee Benefits Watch” report found that employers are falling short when it comes to supporting their employees’ well-being.

Employers need to craft their offerings to holistically support employee well-being, which means caring for workers’ financial, physical, and mental wellness.

Rather than sticking to standard healthcare offerings, find ways to tailor your company’s benefits toward employees’ specific needs.

When you offer benefits that meet your employees’ real needs, you create a supportive environment where people actually want to work.


Immediate support to staff with a quick, and helpful check-in. Personalized guidance assists staff with the impact of COVID-19.


Data-driven, real-time insight into the impact of COVID-19 on staff health, working status, availability, and productivity.


Access statistical data to understand productivity inhibitors and support timely business planning and decision making.

How it works

Employees check-in regularly with a short survey

Dashboard reveals health and productivity trends

Exportable data informs timely decision making

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