Muuvment Purpose is the platform that powers leading organizations to engage their employees to improve work and the world.

Our expert-supported solution helps any company effortlessly launch curated sustainability campaigns, manage and communicate goals, track impact in real time, and boost engagement throughout the organization.

Why your people will love it

Learning about the issues is inspiring and memorable. Best of all, it’s easy to take action and rewarding to understand everyone’s impact.

Why your organization will love it

Suddenly, it’s a cinch to engage your staff on sustainability issues. Tracking impact and reporting on outcomes are just as effortless.

Key features


Turnkey or custom campaigns

Get started quickly with one of our ready-made campaigns or have your team drive the creation of a whole new campaign they’re passionate about.

Interactive learning

Our campaigns include educational videos and content that inform and entertain by involving viewers in the story, heightening engagement and action.

Inspiring actions

Campaign actions can include volunteering, donating, advocacy, or making a lifestyle pledge, with an emphasis on local relevance.

Impact metrics

We keep a tally of the difference you’re making in real time, from donations and volunteer hours to lives touched and everything in between.

Engagement features

Leaderboards, discussion rooms and email updates are all designed to encourage and maximize participation.

Readily available resources

Our discussion rooms not only facilitate conversations, but acts as a go-to destination for people seeking resources on particular topics.

Custom solutions

Beyond our out-of-the-box features, we also offer custom solutions like donation matching and language localization.

Doing good is good for teams.

About Muuvment Purpose

Have questions? Let’s talk about it.

What is Muuvment Purpose?

Muuvment Purpose combines communication, learning, and action through an online platform that allows employees and other stakeholders to contribute to you organization’s social impact mission through collective participation in social and environmental campaigns.

What is a Muuvment campaign?

Muuvment campaigns target specific social and environmental issues, providing opportunities to learn and have a positive impact through action. Your organization decides which campaigns to focus on and which actions are included, leveraging existing partnerships and establishing new connections with local organizations, facilitated by Muuvment's Campaign Success Managers.

What types of action are included?

Muuvment's campaign actions include volunteering, behaviour change, donations, and petitions. These are carefully curated for relevance to your business and community, with local in-person events, online opportunities, and participation in global initiatives.

Want to build a better sustainability program?

Schedule a product demo to see how Muuvment Purpose can help you deliver. Or get advice from an expert on how to create a meaningful sustainability strategy.