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Level up your social impact programs.

Launch media-rich campaigns that motivate your employees to do good and give them easy ways to take action.

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How does it work?

Interactive Video Experience

Wow your staff with unique interactive experiences that educates them about your social mission and inspires them to action.

Take Action

Your employees make meaningful contributions to your mission through lifestyle pledges, volunteering and donations.

Measure your impact

Your organization and employees can track their impact and work together to reach your campaign objectives.

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Interactive Video Experience

Engage and inspire your employees to action through unique interactive experiences.

Turnkey Campaigns

Get started immediately with our campaigns to support ocean health and combat modern slavery.

Measure Your Impact

Know that your actions matter. Measure and track the impact of your company and colleagues.

Transform Your Social Impact Mission

Turn your inactive social impact mission into measurable and meaningful impact.

User LED

Let us create a bespoke campaign fuelled by your employees’ passion.

GDPR Compliant

We take your privacy seriously.

Single Sign-on

Single sign-on with Microsoft Teams. Ask about other integrations.


Your employees can share the experience with their colleagues by communicating through our site or linking out to Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Generate some healthy competition. Recognize the efforts of your employees who champion your social impact mission.


Our campaigns are connected to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to make your reporting against those objectives easier.

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