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Our journey is change.

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Our Mission

Muuvment was founded to help individuals lead healthier and more purposeful lives through innovative media and technology. We are obsessed with creating an employee-first user experience powered by interactive video and actions that lead to measurable results.

Muuvment People

Personalizes and automates the delivery of your existing health and educational content. We provide data and trend analytics to help you track and improve the health and productivity of your employees.

Muuvment Purpose

Turns your social impact mission into a media rich campaign with actions that generate measurable and meaningful impact.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Kim Carter
CEO & Co-Founder
Zabi Yaqeen
President & Co-Founder
Graham Pewter
Board Chairman
Paul Mack
Independent Director
“We will be tenacious and unrelenting in our pursuit of excellence”

Our Experience

Our growing team is led by a C-Suite of start-up founders, business leaders, impact and engagement experts, tech gurus and indie filmmakers.

Management Team

Michael Zielenski
Chief Technology Officer
Sasha Haghani
Chief Product Officer
Grant Robshaw
Chief Performance Officer

Product Team

Susan Hung
Content Director
Kateryna Topol
Design Director
Stephen Blakeley
Head of Impact
Martin Sieg
Product Manager
Karen Vanderborght
Interactive narrative and UX Design Lead
Pascale Mapleston
Director of Research & Partnerships on Health

Our Keystone Habit

At the source of every decision we make, from how we design our products to how we service our clients, we ask ourselves how we can help generate measurable and meaningful results for our users. How closely we remain true to our keystone habit is how we measure our own success as individuals and as a company.
Ediane Monteggia
Impact Associate
Christina Koll
Impact Associate
Hieu Huynh
Full Stack Developer
Ernesto Razo
Full Stack Developer
Jesie Cabaneros
Front-end Developer
Mohammad Omarkhail
QA Analyst

Operations / Branding, Sales & Marketing

Adam Johnson
Operations Director & Counsel
Ryan Killoran
Director of Sales
Rosanna Fajfr
Financial Controller
Day Dapiton
Project Manager
Michelle Kennedy
Graphic Design Associate


Jacqueline Throop-Robinson
Engagement Advisor

Our Values


We strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of our company. We’re relentless in the pursuit of this goal.


We stay true to our mission of generating meaningful and measurable impact on social, environmental and health issues facing the world.


We inspire individuals and organizations to make a positive impact in the world through innovative media and technology.


We recognize that individuals have honestly held opposing perspectives about the world and we strive to be inclusive. We’re transparent with our colleagues and clients about our values and objectives. We respect scientific consensus and freedom of speech.


We lift each other up. We succeed as a company by helping our colleagues and clients succeed in reaching their goals. We work towards our common purpose. We respect the views and dignity of our colleagues and clients.


We never give up. We treat each obstacle as an opportunity to improve and innovate to accomplish our mission of generating measurable and meaningful impact.

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