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Strengthen your sustainability performance with guidance from experts who can help drive change across your organization.

Add a fractional team of specialists to your organization to intelligently navigate the evolving sustainability and ESG landscape.

Our experts will help ensure that sustainability is integrated across your operations in a pragmatic and effective manner, raising the bar on what business-as-usual looks like for your company.

Flexible and efficient

Pay only for the services you need and get expertise without hiring full-time roles.

Continuity and capacity

Manage risks and exploit opportunities without relying on single individuals.

Maximized value

Integrating sustainability across your organization offers better ROI.

Key features

Dedicated team members

From a Head of Sustainability to subject matter experts, our team will get to know your business and your people to integrate seamlessly and become your team.

Horizon scanning

We’ll identify the most important issues to your business, considering both how they impact your organization and how you contribute to them.

Strategy and direction

We’ll help you create an action plan in line with your level of ambition and appetite for risk as we integrate sustainability across all functions in your organization.

Trust and capacity building

As your internal teams develop new processes and tools under our guidance, their confidence will grow as they own and manage emerging opportunities.

Validation and support

Everyone is under pressure to stay on track with time, budget and scope. We provide support so that key outputs, such as sustainability reporting, are of high quality.

Professional services for maximum impact.

About our Advisory

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What is sustainability in the business context?

Business sustainability requires effective management of a company's financial, social, and environmental risks, obligations, and opportunities to ensure long-term success and viability. This includes ensuring employee wellbeing and their engagement with the purpose and impact of the work they do.

How can businesses become more sustainable?

Businesses can adopt policies and foster a company culture of prioritizing practices that take the environment and local community into account, including employees in decision making at all levels, with input from customers and other stake holders.

How can we integrate sustainability into our overall business strategy?

Formal sustainability strategies often begin with a materiality assessment to identify key sustainability issues, align them with business goals, and embed sustainability considerations into strategic planning processes. However, you can also start with the resources and knowledge you already have in-house, building strategy through constant improvement.

How can we create a culture of sustainability and encourage employees to embrace sustainable practices?

To foster a sustainability culture, start by creating a shared understanding of what sustainability means to your company and what is expected of staff. Provide training, resources, and opportunities for them to take action. Recognize and reward positive behaviors.

What are the emerging regulatory and reporting requirements related to sustainability, and how can we stay ahead of compliance obligations?

To stay ahead of regulatory requirements, monitor evolving sustainability regulations and reporting standards for the jurisdictions in which your business operates, and establish internal processes to ensure compliance. Sustainability standards are sometimes industry-specific and that may impact your business. Muuvment can advise you on your current requirements and provide the support you need.

How do sustainability efforts impact customer loyalty, brand reputation, and market positioning?

Clear, honest communication about your sustainability efforts, showcasing positive impacts and your processes for striving to do more, will go a long way with customers.

How can we attract and retain top talent who are increasingly concerned about a company's sustainability practices?

To attract top talent, highlight sustainability commitments and initiatives as part of employer branding, and create a purpose-driven workplace culture that resonates with potential employees. The enthusiasm of your current staff will attract like-minded new recruits.

What partnerships or collaborations can we form with NGOs, governments, and other organizations to enhance our sustainability impact?

Form strategic partnerships with organizations focused on your priority issues to amplify the impact of sustainability efforts, share best practices, and address complex sustainability challenges collectively.

Make smart progress on sustainability with expert guidance.

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